I love my frat! #PiSigmaEpsilon (Taken with instagram)


#ThrowBackThursday Top 10 Graduates East Saint Louis Senior High School! (Taken with instagram)


Earlier today at SLU. (Taken with instagram)


Don’t let the bow tie fool you. I’m from the hood.  (Taken with instagram)


Jeremiah 23:11 (Taken with instagram)



Swag is for boys. Class is for men. (Taken with instagram)

Too Deep For The Intro: Vanity Slaves, Kendrick Lamar


My cousin from the South, slavery started in the South and I bet ya;

He overcompensates for the life of his ancestors.

So blame it on the four-hundred years we never saw,
The reason why the next four-hundred we gotta floss.


I say the four-hundred years we never had nothing,…

swaggasowright: Pi Sigma Epsilon! 

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When you say tatted. I say labeled….
Labeled forever as a conformist.
A conformist to worldly things, a conformist to the media,
a slave to trends, a mindless fool who lets society depict there actions.
Be different. Be yourself.
Don’t let the celebrities make you think that it’s okay to have a McFlurry tatted on your face.
Stars all over your body. But you’re not the night sky. And last time I checked my flag was red, white and blue.
But no matter what you get tatted, soon it shall parish.
And this too shall parish. So nothing in a since is completely permanent.
But for as long as you live, there is a constant reminder that you defaced your body.
I’m not too fond of everybody doing the same thing just because it’s hot at the time.
If there’s a huge migration to the left, I remain walking right. I mean, who the fuck are y’all?
At the end of the day, it’s all about the motive of it.
Did you get it to express, or to impress? .

Black Peace. Black Unity

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I love brown skinned girls! 

You see, them other guys pay their mind to your physical features.
And I can admire your body but your mind is much deeper.
And I found me a keeper, and I found me a winner, and I found me a queen.

I must admit that I suppressed the fact that Bernie Mac died. He lives through his movies, shows, interviews…. RIP Bernie Mac